Design - materials
We provide a single point of contact for managing the pavement design while our teams of design engineers ensure that cost-effective and sustainable solutions are designed to meet your needs. Throughout the design process, our engineers combine specialist skills with operational expertise to deliver the benefits of Early Contractor Involvement. This provides the innovative pavement solutions which unite design and cutting edge construction technologies with an understanding of the need for longer term investment and maintenance issues.

Pavement Design

Pavement engineering relates to the design and maintenance of pavement structures; Jean Lefebvre (UK) has extensive experience in undertaking standard and analytical pavement designs; both internationally and in the UK on all categories of structures, including carriageways, footways, airfields, ports and other industrial pavements.

By assessing current and projected traffic volumes, site constraints and existing pavement conditions, we can prepare pavement specifications which conform to appropriate guidance standards whilst incorporating best practice along with sustainable and innovative solutions.

Our design service utilises the Alize pavement design software which accurately models the actual pavement characteristics to provide an optimised design with the lowest whole life cost by using parameters specific to the pavement structure in question. The software can be used on both new construction and rehabilitation projects. Value management is key to our design approach; this ensures the solution developed meets our client’s aspirations.

Our engineers combine specialist skills with operational judgement and experience to deliver the benefits of Early Contractor Involvement.

Material Design

We are able to provide a wide range of material designs and performance testing to the highest standard, supported by UKAS accreditation.


Our design capabilities include:

  • Bitumen and aggregate conformity testing
  • Performance testing of bituminous materials, including Asphalt Concrete, Hot Rolled Asphalt, Stone Mastic Asphalt and Thin Surface Course Systems
  • High modulus designs including EME2
  • Cold recycled bound material design using foam bitumen, emulsion or hydraulic binders
  • Slurry and micro surfacing assessments
  • Airfield materials, such as Marshall Asphalt and Béton Bitumineux Aéronatique (BBA)