Investigation - coring
Jean Lefebvre (UK) are able to provide analysis and expertise to assist in the design and maintenance of pavement structures to develop a robust long-term asset management approach of network and local level carriageway and footway assets, whilst taking into account contributing technical, commercial, operational and sustainable factors. Our teams of Pavement Engineering and Asset Management specialists are able to provide solutions that meet the aims and needs of our clients through our knowledge of both business environments and the specifications that affect them.

Our support services include:

• Pavement evaluation and investigation

• Pavement and maintenance design

• The provision of innovative solutions and material design

• Whole-life cycle analysis and asset management

• Systems and data management

• Asset register and highways asset management plans


Pavement Investigation and Evaluation

A key area of our team’s expertise is the investigation and evaluation of the existing pavement structures to establish the current condition of the pavement, the future performance and/ or the failure mechanism.

We develop a bespoke pavement investigation strategy to suit our client’s requirements along with the nature of the pavement structure. Part of this process includes a thorough investigation to evaluate the historic and existing pavement information.

Jean Lefebvre (UK) utilise our in-house teams to conduct and commission a range of field and laboratory testing:

  1. Visual inspection and video surveys
  2. Coring - assessment of the pavement thickness and material conditions
  3. Ground Penetrating Radar surveys - pavement thickness
  1. Falling Weight Deflectometer testing - structural assessment, back analysis and load transfer efficiency
  2. Light-Weight Deflectometer (LWD), plate bearing analysis and dynamic cone penetrometer - foundation assessment
  3. Trial hole logging and material extraction