Fibrovia 1000x610 (1)

Gap-Graded Asphaltic Concrete combining durability with workability.


There are many types of thin surface course materials. Depending on the gradation, binder type and, in some cases additives, the materials provide specific properties that broaden the range of applications beyond those of conventional mixes.

The Fibrovia Thin Surfacing System has been developed to comprise many advantages - workability, flexibility and strength.


Fibrovia is suitable for all types of traffic; it can be used for maintenance and new construction projects. The main purpose of Fibrovia is to improve the surface characteristics of pavements that exhibit no structural weakness.

Fibrovia is an ideal surfacing solution for urban roads where its workability allows uniform installation, both mechanically and by hand.

Key benefits include:

  • Improved skid resistance
  • Long term durability and rut resistance
  • Improved noise and spray reduction
  • Enhanced workability

Fibrovia Datasheet