Flexiplast is a two-layer flexible, waterproofing crack inhibitor system which combats reflective cracking, reducing deterioration.


When overlaying composite materials with flexible asphalt layers, reflective cracking can be a long term issue.  Techniques used to avoid these issues must prevent crack propagation over time whilst maintaining inter-layer bonding, structural waterproofing and deformation resisting properties.

Flexiplast is one of the few multi-purpose solutions available to provide such characteristics.


Flexiplast is a flexible, waterproofing crack inhibitor system designed to combat reflective cracking, thus extending the service life of the pavement.

The principle of the system is to decouple the overlying flexible pavement from the rigid composite pavement below, whilst keeping an optimum adhesion between both, thus avoiding premature structural fatigue.


The two-layer system comprises a polymer-modified bitumen membrane, which is subsequently overlaid with a layer of microsurfacing: this protects the membrane's integrity, both thermally and mechanically when being overlaid with hot bituminous materials.


Flexiplast is especially recommended for the maintenance of composite pavements using materials treated with hydraulic binders and rigid concrete pavements (slab rocking < 30/100 mm).


Flexiplast extends the service life of pavements by reducing the harmful effects of cracking.


Key benefits include:

  • Can be applied to all types of pavements and structures
  • A process suitable for all types of traffic
  • Efficient: can be applied at high outputs
  • Effective: extends the service life of the pavement

Flexiplast Datasheet