ULM 1000X610

UL-M is suitable for all types of traffic and can be used for maintenance and new construction projects.


Applied on four continents worldwide, the UL-M thin surfacing system has a pedigree second to none.


The BBA HAPAS approved thin surfacing systerm incorporates polymer modified binder technology which can be tailored to meet specific performance criteria.


The main purpose of UL-M is to improve the surface characteristics of pavements that exhibit no structural weakness. 

Excellent levels of skid resistance can be expected due to the rapid exposure of the aggregate micro texture.  Combined with the quality, high PSV aggregates used in UL-M, excellent scrim levels can be maintained.


UL-M is designed to give excellent noise reduction, measurements of between 5 and 7 dB(A) below that of a Hot Rolled Asphalt surfacing making UL-M one of the quietest surfacings available.


Key benefits include:

  • Durable - whole life performance
  • Safe - excellent friction qualities
  • Noise - reduction of between 5-7 dB(A) compared to HRA
  • Excellent resistance to permanent deformation
  • Spray reduction
  • Sustainable - thin construction maximises the conservation of natural resources