Ultraphone 1000x610

Ultraphone is a low noise surface course material which meets every expectation of those living in the vicinity.


As the traffic volumes within urban areas increase, this poses strong political pressures to reduce traffic noise, thus improving the urban population's standard of living. 

Ultraphone is a low noise surface course material, developed by Jean Lefebvre (UK) which meets every expectation of those living in the vicinity.  It combines the benefits of exceptional noise reducing properties with excellent skid resistance characteristics. 


Ultraphone is designed so that it lowers the risk of long term silting-up, unlike porous asphalt; therefore, its acoustic performance is maintained.  Based on these intrinsic properties it is surfacing best suited for the construction and maintenance of urban and suburban pavements.

Surveys have shown that even with traffic speeds of 30mph, the reduction on noise with


Ultraphone compared to an adjacent section constructed with standard 0/14 Thin Surfacing was 5.7 dB(A).  This is a very significant and noticeable improvement, equivalent to reducing the traffic by 75%.


Ultraphone is capable of providing adequate friction at both low and high speeds even though its in-service texture may be relatively low when measured by conventional techniques.

Key benefits include:

  • Substantial reduction in rolling noise
  • Excellent skid resistance
  • Reduced spray in wet weather conditions

Ultraphone Datasheet